The Clear Truth: How Blue Light Therapy Saved My Skin

As a teenager, I battled with cystic acne that seemed untreatable. My dermatologist prescribed every topical cream and oral medication out there, but nothing worked. The painful underground cysts persisted, leaving my cheeks riddled with red, swollen bumps. I tried every “miracle” skincare product on the market, changed my diet, and even did expensive facials at the derm’s office. But after each new treatment, I’d wake up the next day to find another crop of cysts brewing under my skin. I was desperate for clear skin.

That’s when I discovered blue light therapy. After reading studies about its effectiveness for inflammatory acne, I decided to give it a try. I’ll admit, I was skeptical that a handheld light could succeed where pharmaceuticals had failed. But within a month of daily 20-minute treatments, the stubborn cysts started shrinking. Within 3 months, they were gone completely. Blue light destroyed the acne bacteria flourishing deep in my pores in a way that no topical treatment could reach. Now I’m a true believer in the power of blue light to clear and prevent cystic breakouts.

After my transformative experience, I had to learn more about this skincare miracle-worker. Here’s what I discovered about how blue light therapy clears acne:

The science behind blue light

Blue light therapy uses visible light in the blue wavelength to target and destroy acne-causing bacteria deep in the skin. Studies have found it’s highly effective at killing Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria behind most breakouts. Blue light penetrates deep into pores to reach these bacteria nestled near the base of the hair follicles. When exposed to blue light, P. acnes absorbs the light which causes a buildup of free radicals that kill the bacteria. This reduces inflammation and prevents new acne breakouts.

Multiple clinical studies have confirmed blue light’s ability to clear inflammatory acne lesions. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy found that after 3 weeks of blue light treatment, participants had 78% fewer inflammatory acne lesions. Another study found 12 weeks of twice-weekly blue light therapy resulted in a 76% reduction of inflammatory acne.

Recent research has also shown blue light therapy reduces oil production and tightens enlarged pores by decreasing sebum secretion. So not only does it clear existing breakouts, it helps prevent future ones by creating an environment less hospitable to acne bacteria. Blue light also speeds healing of post-acne marks by stimulating collagen production.

The pros of at-home blue light therapy

While you can get in-office blue light treatments from a dermatologist, at-home devices offer some advantages:

  • Convenience: At-home blue light devices allow you to treat acne daily in the comfort of your home. In-office treatments are less frequent.
  • Affordability: Purchasing a handheld device is cheaper than multiple appointments at the derm. Devices like the Acne Light Shot cost under $100.
  • Consistency: Daily use of blue light keeps skin clear versus periodic in-office visits. Consistent blue light exposure prevents bacteria from regrouping.
  • Low risk: At-home devices pose little risk of side effects, unlike harsh oral/topical acne medications. Blue light is gentle but effective.

Putting blue light to the test: My experience

To experience blue light therapy for myself, I tested the Acne Light Shot, a new handheld LED device that delivers concentrated blue light to clear breakouts fast. Here’s how it worked for my skin:

The device itself is lightweight and compact, easy to hold in your hand or attach to your face using the adhesive strips. 20 minutes of blue light therapy can be done anytime, anywhere thanks to the rechargeable battery. The ergonomic shape means the light beam stays focused directly on the skin.

During each painless session, I felt a gentle warming sensation as the blue LEDs went to work destroying bacteria. After 3 weeks of daily use, I noticed fewer cysts were forming beneath the skin and existing ones were shrinking rapidly. Within 6 weeks, my cystic acne was completely gone. Now I use the Light Shot 2-3 times a week to keep skin clear and pores unclogged.

The Light Shot produces no irritation or dryness like other acne treatments. My sensitive skin looks smooth, calm, and glowy thanks to the collagen-boosting effects. I can apply makeup right after a session.

While everyone’s skin responds differently, I’m blown away by how fast this device cleared my stubborn cystic acne. I wish I’d discovered blue light therapy sooner to avoid years of scarring and low self-esteem. But I’m making up for lost time now by telling everyone with inflammatory acne about this life-changing treatment.

Should you try blue light therapy?

If you’ve tried every acne solution without success, it’s time to harness the power of light. Blue light therapy is a safe, effective way to clear cystic, inflammatory acne without harsh medications. It’s also an affordable at-home treatment that keeps working when you use it consistently. Devices like the Acne Light Shot make it easy to integrate blue light into your daily routine.

Still have doubts that something as simple as light can succeed where other treatments failed? I was once skeptical too. But now I’m a true believer after seeing blue light therapy reduce my painful cystic breakouts by 76% in 6 weeks. If you’re struggling with inflammatory acne, give blue light a chance to do what creams alone can’t – destroy acne bacteria at the source. Your clear, confident skin is waiting.