The Beauty of Black-Owned: How These Brands Are Disrupting The Industry

The beauty industry has made strides in recent years when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Thanks to trailblazing brands like Fenty Beauty and Uoma Beauty, people of all skin tones now have more options to find complexion products that actually match their skin. But there is still progress to be made, especially when it comes to supporting Black-owned beauty brands.

While larger brands are taking notice, there are a number of emerging Black-owned companies that are truly disrupting the industry in exciting ways. These innovative brands range from clean, minimalist skin care lines to curl-focused hair care. But what unites them is a celebration of melanin-rich skin and textured hair. Moreover, many aim to redefine traditional beauty standards and practices.

Supporting these often overlooked beauty brands is one impactful way to continue pushing the industry forward. To help spotlight these diverse voices, here is an in-depth look at some of the most notable Black-owned brands to know:

Bringing Emotion and Memory into Fragrance


Fragrance has the remarkable ability to connect us to emotions and memories. This is the ethos behind Moodeaux, a new Black-owned clean fragrance brand. Founded in 2021 by Brianna Arps, Moodeaux aims to create an multi-sensory fragrance experience.

The brand’s debut scent, Worthy, sets the tone. Designed to ignite self-love and positive affirmations, notes of bergamot, lemon, and exotic spices evoke feelings of joy and confidence. Moodeaux stands out not just for its uplifting fragrances, but also its sustainability practices. The brand uses eco-friendly materials like recycled glass and FSC-certified paper.

Beyond Worthy, Moodeaux’s latest launch, Punk Star, is a bold and spicy blend of pink peppercorn, rhubarb, and juicy plum. The brand also offers sample sets and layering bundles to help find your perfect scent match. After launching in clean beauty retailer Credo, this new fragrance house is poised to disrupt the market with scents that connect to mood and memory.

Blending Cultures in Skin Care


Another brand taking a creative spin on beauty is Liha Beauty. Founded by longtime friends Liha Okunniwa and Abi Oyepitan, this UK-based skin care line uniquely brings together the diverse cultures of its Nigerian-born founders. According to the brand, “Liha” translates to “my glow” in a Nigerian dialect.

True to its name, the line aims to deliver natural, luminous skin. Liha Beauty’s small but mighty collection contains only the necessities. This includes their hero Idan Oil, a rich blend of antioxidants like vitamin E and essential fatty acids. The brand also offers a nourishing raw Shea butter that comforts skin.

Along with effective natural ingredients, Liha also focuses on mindfulness and slowing down your routine. The minimalist packaging and experience align with these holistic principles. Though just launching in 2020, this brand celebrates heritage while providing simple, quality skin care solutions.

Makeup That Finally Works for Eczema-Prone Skin


For those with conditions like eczema or senstivie skin, finding makeup that doesn’t cause flares or irritation can be a challenge. Enter Range Beauty, a groundbreaking brand aiming to totally rethink base makeup products. Created for melanin-rich skin, Range Beauty’s collection includes foundations, concealers, and more designed for sensitive types.

Here’s what makes them different: Every formula is dermatologist-tested and meets the National Eczema Association’s standards. Key ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, turmeric, and calendula provide anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe skin. Reviewers with eczema rave about the non-irritating, blendable formulas that still offer great coverage.

Beyond eczema-friendly makeup, Range Beauty also caters to a wide diversity of hard-to-match skin tones. With options like golden olive, deep cocoa, and neutral caramel, finding your perfect foundation match is possible. Driven by a desire to disrupt the industry, this brand proves you don’t have to compromise between makeup and skin health.

Natural Hair Care Celebrating All Curl Types

For curly-haired folks, finding products that enhance your natural texture can be a journey. Inspired by her own path to hair love, Badria Ahmed created the UK brand Holy Curls. The company’s assortment of shampoos, masks, gels, oils, and more are specially formulated for curls and coils.

Holy Curls stands out for two reasons. Firstly, the brand highlights that not all curls are created equal. Textured hair has beautiful diversity – tight coils, loose waves, 3C, 4A, and beyond. The products cater to this spectrum with ingredients like shea butter, aloe, and baobab oil. Holy Curls also focuses on clean beauty. You won’t find sulfates, silicones, or other harsh additives in these formulas.

Secondly, the brand aims to shake up societal stigma around textured hair. From the packaging to the product names, Holy Curls delivers bold messaging about embracing natural texture. For founder Badria Ahmed, the company is as much about hair health as it is about empowerment.

Lip Shine Meets Moisture


Traditional glosses can leave lips looking slick, while balms provide hydration without shine. But Glosshood’s Holyyy Gloss Balm Hybrid proves you can have both. Founded by Sienna Brown, this Black-owned beauty brand celebrates fearless self-expression and finding your inner child.

The Holyyy Gloss Balm lives up to the playful vibe. With a slick yet cushiony feel, the gloss-balm hybrid layers extreme moisture and high-wattage shine. Reviewers praise the non-sticky formula and yummy scent. And with fun, colorful packaging, Glosshood makes beauty anything but boring. The brand may only have one product so far, but it packs a major punch.

Body Care Made for All


Body care tends to come in two varieties – clinical and luxury. But OUI the People believes in breaking beyond those constraints. Founded by Karen Young, this Black-owned brand declares body care should be accessible, fun, and welcoming to all.

With products like Body Gloss and Melting Body Balm, OUI the People proves skincare doesn’t just stop at the neck. The nourishing formulas hydrate and smooth skin all over. The brand also celebrates diverse bodies and self-expression. This carries through to the packaging, which features bold colors and gender-neutral scents.

Since launching in 2015, OUI the People continues to push boundaries on what body care could be. The brand’s nomadic pop-ups bring its rebellious spirit directly to communities across America. With an emphasis on inclusion, this disruptor will undoubtedly change how we see body care.

Cult Favorite Natural Hair Care


Walk into Target, Ulta, or Whole Foods and you’ll likely spot a familiar bright green logo – tgin. Standing for “Thank God It’s Natural,” tgin has become a leader in accessible natural hair care. The extensive collection includes shampoos, conditioners, styling products, oils, and more.

But what makes tgin a cult favorite? For starters, the brand caters to a wide range of curls and textures. No matter your hair type, you’ll find options that provide hydration and definition. Reviews consistently praise tgin’s effective results. The affordability and availability also sets tgin apart. Dermatologist-tested and free of harsh ingredients, these products get the job done without damage.

On top of great hair care, tgin and founders Aris Singleton and Dr. Piper A. Farrell are dedicated to empowering women. The brand’s tgin Foundation provides support to women facing health issues and financial hardship. By launching affirming initiatives alongside inclusive products, tgin represents the future of beauty.

Disrupting Beauty, One Brand at a Time

The beauty landscape still has room to grow when it comes to diversity and representation. However, with passionate founders and innovative approaches, the emerging brands featured here all have immense potential to drive change. Though just a sampling, these Black-owned disruptors celebrate natural textures, skin health, clean ingredients, and inclusivity.

While large corporations have money and resources, these brands have heart and first-hand perspective. Supporting and spotlighting their work continues momentum toward a more inclusive, empowering future of beauty. Through original products, uplifting messaging, and community initiatives, each brand featured here breaks barriers and brings us steps closer to a richer, more thoughtful beauty industry.