Relive Your Childhood with Lip Smacker’s Nostalgic 50th Anniversary Lip Balm Vault

Get ready for a major nostalgia trip, ’90s kids! Iconic lip balm brand Lip Smacker is celebrating 50 years of making our lips smile with a limited edition collector’s vault filled with their most legendary flavors from across the decades.

Launched in 1973 as the first flavored lip balm, Lip Smacker quickly won the hearts and bags of tweens and teens everywhere thanks to fun fruity and soda-inspired flavors. Who could forget that feeling of being the coolest girl in school when you pulled out a Dr. Pepper or cotton candy Lip Smacker?

Now, to mark their milestone 50th anniversary, Lip Smacker has created the ultimate vault shaped like an oversized lip balm tube and packed with 50 greatest hit balms from the past five decades. Priced at $82, this carryable capsule lets fans relive all their favorite lip care memories.

From Strawberry and Green Apple to vintage picks like Bubble Gum and Coca-Cola, this is a lip balm lover’s dream come true. Ready to take a sweet stroll down memory lane? Indulge your nostalgia with Lip Smacker’s special anniversary collection retailing for $82 USD, via Amazon.